How to Be a Woman of Many Trades | Influencers Network with Shelley Jarrett

(Disclaimer: We didn’t realize that my tripod was angled down during recording, but we had a good laugh afterward. Hopefully you will too!)

International award winner, SMJ Magazine Founder & Publisher, Documentary Producer, Speaker, Entrepreneur. There’s nothing that Shelley Jarrett can’t do!

About six years after forming SJ Image Creations, she merged to a media platform where she launched her online magazine focusing on image, lifestyle and business. SMJ Magazine took on a life of its own, quickly gaining momentum and popularity with followers.
Shelley was able to take advantage of various marketing strategies, partnerships and collaborations using other networks to broaden her brand and her consumer base.

SMJ Magazine has since rebranded, and now, Shelley’s debut documentary “W’at Abowt Us” will be screened! She has won numerous media and business awards and is committed to telling stories of extraordinary people.

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to chat with this extraordinary woman!

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