Here’s what some of our agents had to say

Binamin Shah

I met Mark shortly after I started my career in real estate. As a new professional, I wasn’t sure of which direction to take, not knowing what I was doing right or wrong.

Then I was introduced to Mark Steele. From day one he taught me the right way to work in the real estate industry. I jumped right into new lead generation strategies and started using effective techniques to manage both my time and my clients. When it came to deal support, Mark made his guidance available.

I give a lot of credit to him for helping me develop my confidence to where it is now. Today, I work with big commercial clients and investors. The solid foundation gave me solid results!

Winston Luc

I had only had my real estate license for less than a year but haven’t made any sales, had no motivated leads and didn’t get the coaching or mentorship. When it came to coaching, my broker at the time told me to develop myself by: watching Youtube videos, advertise on Kijiji, promote on Facebook; things I already knew.

But when I began working with Mark Steele, he delivered on everything he promised to me when we first met at a Realtor’s event. His style of coaching played a tremendous role in how I do business today. He told me I would get my first deal within a month, and I did. He taught me the importance of properly qualifying potential clients and asking the right questions. When there were objections being thrown at me, he was a phone call away and made sure that whatever problem presented itself would be solved.

He showed me first hand that he cared and was fair to me. He knew my financial situation and gave me strategies on how to overcome it. However, learning his lifestyle, understanding what matters most to him and observing how he conducts himself was the greatest takeaway I had while working with him. Hence, it also became one of the greatest experiences I had in my life from a mentorship and student-coach relationship.

Real estate business with him was one thing but he is more than a coach. We developed a brotherly bond, we connected and we share a bond that not many brokers or agents can replicate. He shaped my life and also my journey in the real estate industry. Thanks Mark.

Jennifer Meade

I reached out to Steele Coaching and Consulting because I was frustrated with the slow progress in my business. My brokerage managers weren’t giving me the support that they promised and as an ambitious realtor, support is what I needed.

Through Mark’s coaching I learned how to better engage with clients during meetings, how to efficiently complete deal paperwork and structure offers that win, and generally how to be a great realtor!

His training package set an invaluable foundation for me.

Samantha Machado

Working with Mark Steele as my coach is a pleasure! He is a great leader and very knowledgeable in the field. I appreciate that he has been available when I urgently need him and is always prepared with effective answers. I would highly recommend Steele Coaching and Consulting to anyone!”

Keegan Shim

Times are definitely tough, and being in the real estate business is no exception. I was working a dead-end office job just to get by while doing real estate on the side, with little to no mentorship. My frustration had lead me to seek out a coach, and that’s when I ran into Mark. With the tools and skills provided by Mark, I was able to attain the confidence to leave my job and pursue this business full time. I’ve learned scripts that shortened the process from lead generation to closing; my social media has improved exponentially, and I had at least 3-5 new clients every month. I highly recommend Mark Steele as a coach to guide you on the road to success.